22 Jun 2020 - 26 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020 - 26 Jun 2020
PIC week 2020 - Digital Edition

The perfect way to finish the day !

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY and TERRALIA PASS members open their doors for this PIC Week. Be ready to interact and to have a virtual overview with different organizations of this territory around Lyon. Each day of PIC Week, we propose you 1hour-tour on different topics :

  • Monday 22nd : Welcome to Research and University ecosystem
    • 4:00-5:00 PM : Plant Inter Cluster Meeting was originally planned to be host in the premises of Agrapôle and ISARA. On this first day of PIC Week, we invite you to discover this important complex for Agriculture in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Agrapôle is composed by more than 56 organisations working on agriculture and food industry including an incubator FOODSHAKER and ISARA-Lyon, an engineering school specialised in Agriculture, Agribusiness and Environment. Come & listen to them about their work and how they are preparing the future of agri-food sectors. In the same region I-SITE, located in Clermont Ferrand gathers academic and research stakeholders. 
      • Christophe DAVID - International Manager ISARA
      • Bérangère FARGES, PhD - Associate Manager, Scientific and valorization fields, I-SITE.
      • Isabelle VESSIER, Researcher INRAe, Sustainable Agro-System, CAP 20-25 Project manager.
      • Replay : https://youtu.be/a-Z6Fk9nhU4
  • Tuesday 23rd : Agtech for indoor farming!
    • 4:00-5:00 PM : Greening and feeding the world, that’s a moto heard last year during the PIC Meeting in the Netherlands. In 2020, with COVID-19, it has never been so true. The consumer expectation goes to local, less carbon impact and giving more value to food production. In this complex equation, urban farming takes part of the global solution. Register to this virtual tour and discover initiatives already on the market for producing plants in cities and innovation on lights technologies. 
  • Wednesday 24th : How to give more value to plant?
    • 4:00-5:00PM : Between the seed and the harvest, agronomists and farmers work together, but what’s happening downstream? Plant is not only dedicated to fresh and direct consumption. A bunch of uses exists to give more value to the plant. On the one hand, gastronomy and consumption’s trends helps to understand how will be the food of tomorrow. R&D Centre of Paul Bocuse Institute works on it, and drives projects on it. On the other hand, extraction of plant ingredients is getting every day stronger to get natural products for cosmetics and/or pharmacy. Gattefossé Group is specialized on this sector and will explain their challenges to fit with the demand of their customers.
      • Bénédicte SIMON - Sales and Marketing Research Centre IPB
      • Boris VOGELGESANG - Directeur R&D Actifs Cosmétiques / R&D Director Cosmetic Actives, Gattefossé Group
      • Replay: https://youtu.be/bI9yhjtPS_E
  • Thursday 25th : Plant protection and Biocontrol. 
    • 4:00-5:00 PM : 2020 is the year of Crop protection, PIC Week cannot avoid this topic in this event. Moreover, when 2 important players are based in Lyon, it seems important to have a look on their respective works. AMOEBA just launched a new Amibis production Plant for biocontrol uses. This is a quite unique industry that we propose to discover during this session. Then SBM will introduce the Group and their laboratory for formulation on Crop protection. 


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